Dear Girl Scout Cookie fan: it’s that time of year! The time of year the parents of a particular Girl Scout dread–the nagging to accost friends and neighbors for sales, the drumming up of business, the eventual slow cookie dispersion and money collecting…

Oh, yes, it’s Girl Scout Cookie time!

After the pain and agony of getting Sunshine to be diligent about collecting funds, distributing cookies, and generally make us not dread Cookie Time, we almost didn’t let her sell them this year. But I think that’s un-
American. And how can you be known to have a resident Girl Scout and NOT be selling cookies??

And then, I came up with a BRILLIANT plan! (insert evil cackle here)

After a discussion about our expectations and what might motivate her this year to improve her diligence, I wrote up a contract and had Sunshine initial and sign it before she got her cookie sales sheet. Feel free to use it, Girl Scout parents. I think it’s legal and binding. At least at our house . :)

P.S She came up with her own ‘no reading’ consequence. But I came up with the offers to sell off her stuff if she didn’t collect $ in a timely manner. :)

Girl Scout Cookie Selling Agreement with Parents, 2011

I, Daughter’s Name, promise with all my heart to make cookie selling a pleasant experience for myself and my beloved parents and family this year.  I promise to:

1)      Collect orders in an organized way (so I can read my order later and everything is accurate). ___

2)      Only contact people I am able to get orders to in a timely manner. ___

3)      Keep my paperwork where I can find it. ___

4)      When cookies come in, I will immediately sort orders and begin delivery. ___

5)      I will collect money with checks made out to my troop, NOT my beloved parents. ___

6)      I will double check all math, as I know I will make up any difference in money or cookies. ___

7)      I will work diligently to get orders to people and money from people within 1 week of when I get the orders.___

I agree that I will not be allowed to read any day that I have not worked to the best of my ability to make the cookie selling and delivery season as smooth and painless on our family as possible___

I agree that I am responsible for all uncollected money and I will personally make up the difference from my allowance or by selling my personal belongings within 1 week of when I get the cookies. ___

I love Girl Scouts and my family and want to be a blessing to both. ___


Daugher’s name, date                                                    

Parent,  date                                                                       

Witnessed by:
­­­­­­­­­­­____________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_ �
Signature and printed name, date

© 2011, melissa caddell. All rights reserved. If you steal my stuff, I will also be really, really mad.


Disney on Ice is in Denver at the Pepsi Center, Dec. 9th-12th (with a special show in Spanish).  Use COLORADO in the coupon/promo code box for a discount on tickets when purchased through Colorado Kids.

I saw a Disney on Ice production a few years ago at the Denver Coliseum and it was, well, um….not great. I’m not sure if the venue was the problem or if I just had high expectations, but I remember thinking it was a tad cheesy and not really a show that lived up to the level I associated with Disney.

The allure of a Disney production means hope beats eternal for this writer and mom, though.  So when Colorado Kids asked me to do a sneak peek (with complimentary tickets), I gathered up my two younger kids (4 & 8) and two of their BFF’s and off we went.

What you need to know if you go

Getting there: To avoid dealing with parking, we took the train in from the ‘burbs and it was very easy-peasy. The Pepsi Center is a great venue—much better for a Disney show. The staff there is just fantastic, and we got to meet several of them (which is what happens when you lose a coat and then have a kid fall on the escalator—she was fine, but good times, peeps, good times). Anyway, they were very professional and really gracious.

Concessions: We paid $4.50 for a big tub of popcorn from the Pepsi Center and then $12 for a bag of Disney cotton candy, spun by real princesses (I’m guessing).  :) Know that there is ‘reasonably’ priced concession foods and then Disney snow cones, treats and paraphernalia. So plan accordingly. I made the kids get (multiple) drinks at the drinking fountain.

The show: Overall, it was a good show and I think worth the ticket price. It felt more substantial then the show a few years back, though I wasn’t as wowed as I had hoped. There were definitely little wows and by the kid’s faces, they liked it. NOTE: At about the 15 minute mark the show gets a bit creepy for young kids. Characters from Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas take the ice and the kids I was with were a bit scared.  After the intermission, there is a pretty neat bit where the ice is lit on fire. All the kids in the audience sang along to a song from The Princess and the Frog and there were a nice number of very familiar Disney princesses and characters.  The Toy Story characters were a crowd favorite. The overall arch of the story will be lost on most kids, so I would strongly encourage you to get seats as close as you can so they will be able to focus on the characters. (Side note: I wonder why they don’t use the big screens to project the show? Hmm…)

The actual skating was average to pretty good with several crowd pleasing moves.

But, really, your kids aren’t there for the skating—they are there for the cotton candy.

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I wish it was still September 10th

September 10, 2010

Sometimes, I wish I lived in a September 10th world, where September 11th was just the day before September 12th.
A world where I didn’t wonder at a permanently altered Manhattan skyline.
Where an ‘I love NY’ shirt was a tourist item, not a symbol of solidarity.
 A world where I still didn’t know where Shanksville, Pennsylvania was. [...]

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Wanna be a writer? You’re going to have to, you know, WRITE

June 23, 2010

Lots of people say they want to be writers. And this used to make me panic a bit, actually, because I wanted to be a writer and I figured if everyone was a writer, I’d never get any work.
What I discovered, however, is that lots of people say they want to write, but very, very [...]

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No touchy the mommy’s stuffy

June 6, 2010

I become more like my mother every day. And I mean it in that way that makes me kinda shudder. The particular way I am referring to (well, today anyway) is the mom who freaks out when her kids touch her stuff. Like, my stapler. Or my hand mirror. Or my ruler. Or anything.
I can [...]

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Look! Look! Meals: The art and science of feeding your family (made really simple!) eBook

May 19, 2010

I am so excited to announce the publication of my first eBook! What started as a much-requested speaking topic has evolved into a 40-page eBook. There was just more to talk about than an hour would allow. :)
I have always been interested in food-what we eat, why we eat what we do. As the person [...]

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Is it far enough away from Mother’s Day to say this?

May 12, 2010

I experience Mother’s Day like most mom’s–flowers, handmade cards, breakfast in bed (usually Cheerios).  Lot’s of love and extra hugs and appreciation.
But here’s the problem:  I kinda hate Mother’s Day.  (I recognize that this is an anti-American sentiment and am prepared for the backlash against all things apple-pie, but hear me out on this.)
Before I [...]

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How to cook with a baby or toddler underfoot: 11 tips

April 14, 2010

I had the fun privilage to speak to a group of moms with young children yesterday at Mountainview MOPS (shout-out!).  We talked about some of the challenges of feeding a family (ya know, now that you’re the mom and all).  Something that I didn’t get a chance to cover was the joy of cooking when you have [...]

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Apparently, I am a fair-weather wife when it comes to submitting

March 16, 2010

Interestingly, I thought I had conquered most of my issues with being, well, uh, ’submissive’ (*shudder*). Clearly, not so.
When we got married, I actually changed our vows so that I wouldn’t have to say ‘love, honor, and obey’ to ‘love, honor and cherish’.  Cherish, I could do.  Obey?  Hello?  What century are we in?
Yes, I [...]

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Ditching the stroller–the end of an era

March 4, 2010

We took our first trip in almost 11 years that didn’t involve a stroller.
I just don’t know what to think about that.  For the first time since child rearing began for us in 1999, everyone in our group could feed, dress, wipe, and cart themselves around.
Our littlest daughter, Lady Bug, age 3 ½ , has [...]

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